Alcohol - Is Your Drinking a Problem?

Does this sound familiar? You wake up early in the morning with a dry mouth, your head pounding and feeling terrible. You moan to yourself as embarrassing memories of last night’s drinking session come flooding back to you. “Oh no, what did I do?” You’re so tired but feel too sick and anxious to go back to sleep.


You say to yourself, with absolute conviction… “That’s it! I’ve had enough of it this. I need to get control my drinking. Tonight, I’m not going drink. I'm not going to drink for a week, no a month!” And this feeling of peace washes over you, and you know this is the right thing to do.


But you spend the rest of the day anxious, shaky, and stressed out. Feeling terrible, you pound back coffee, energy drinks, sugar or junk food hoping like hell something is going to make you feel better. By late afternoon, you are dying for a drink, just to take the edge off.


The idea of stopping drinking for a while doesn't seem like such a good idea. You decide to have one drink, just this once. One turns into two and before you know it the whole bottle is gone. If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. I certainly can relate. To get control with alcohol, it's important to address why you are drinking more than you should.

I find a lot of us are drinking to numb our pain. Sometimes we are aware of what’s causing us pain, other times we know we’re not happy, but don’t know why. You may hide the pain and bury it. The problem is pain is not normal, and it won’t go away by pretending it’s not there, so we seek relief from our pain with alcohol, cigarettes, food, and drugs, etc.


Getting in touch with your pain and learning how to process it so you can let it go, will help release your need to numb yourself with unhealthy substances. There is no separation between our mind and body. The more aware we are of what’s affecting us and how to best deal with it, the more control we have over our behavior, bodies and lives.

There are so many resources out there that can help you with gaining control with alcohol. Some people need to stop drinking permanently, others can become social drinkers. Some people need medical help to be weaned off of alcohol or they can die from the withdrawal symptoms. You don’t know which category you fall into until you do your research. and are good places to start. It's important to find someone experienced with treating addiction who understands both the chemical, psychological and subconscious sides of it.


The books I recommend are The 30-Day Sobriety Solution: How to Cut Back or Quit Drinking in the Privacy of Your Own Home by Jack Canfield, How To Quit Without Feeling S**T: The Fast, Highly Effective Way To End Addiction To Caffeine, Sugar, Cigarettes, Alcohol, Illicit Or Prescription Drugs by Patrick Holford and This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol by Annie Grace.


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