Ready to quit smoking or Vaping?

Let’s be honest. When it comes to quitting smoking, going cold turkey is not only hell but most of the time, it doesn’t work. We start out with the best intentions, but once the withdrawals set in, we feel so awful we give up and start smoking again.

If you are ready to stop smoking or vaping for good without feeling like sh*t, you need a different approach. Grant will take you through the process of quitting smoking, helping you to create a plan that will help you overcome your addiction to smoking for good.


Without feeling like crap… He also helps you address the underlying reasons you are addicted, gives you the tools to be committed, deal with withdrawals and navigate the issues that come up after you quit.

With the Covid-19 crisis taking place, your health (especially your lung health) is the most important asset you have to protect. Grant is the editor of the amazon bestseller The Smoking Cure: How to Quit Smoking Without Feeling Like Sh*t and co-founder of The Integrative Hypnotherapy Institute so is very experienced helping people overcome their nicotine addiction for good. 


Grant will tailor a program just for you, based on your individual needs. Worried about gaining weight? Do you use smoking as a stress relief? Grant will customise your sessions to address all the issues related to your smoking.

Quit Smoking / Vaping         Special Price $250                      Normally $300, Save $50 or 17% 

First Session is 90 Minutes.                           Follow Up Sessions are 60-90 minutes.



71 Long Drive, St Heliers, Auckland 1071

Sessions also available online by Zoom, or by Phone


Tel: 0274 544 220

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