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Virtual Gastric Band Protocol

Have you tried everything to lose weight? If you know what to do but can’t seem to stick a plan, this program is for you. If you are ready to lose weight for good without feeling like it’s a constant struggle, you need a different approach.

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Weight Loss Session

I have developed a weight loss program based on your personality type, personal dietary needs, creating food aversions so it’s easy to eat healthy, exercises for your body type and changing the beliefs and issues that are holding you back.


Quit Smoking or Vaping

If you are ready to stop smoking or vaping for good without feeling like sh*t, you need a different approach. Grant will take you through the process of quitting smoking, helping you to create a plan that will help you overcome your addiction to smoking for good.


Issues With Alcohol

Does this sound familiar? You wake up early in the morning with a dry mouth, your head pounding and feeling terrible. You moan to yourself as embarrassing memories of last night’s drinking session come flooding back to you. Book a session today and get control.


Anxiety and Stress

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious? Worried about your health, money, the future, your career, driving, or flying? Do you need new techniques for stress relief? Grant will customise your sessions to address all the issues related to you personally.


Sports Preformance

Sports hypnosis is a highly effective way to help you improve mental focus, tune out all distractions and visualise the outcome you desire. Hypnosis can provide that competitive advantage and allow you to get into the “ZONE” where everything is performing at its peak.



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